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Utrecht Uitfeest II

Early to bed and early to rise. No one was in the park when we arrived so set up and soundcheck as the first band playing on the stage. Great weather and a beautiful green field. Was a very family vibe this afternoon with all the babies, toddlers and little kids running around on the grass. Some of them really stared at us like -what is this…. Sat around with some friends, their kids and the other bands (Anne Soldaat, De Staat, LPG, GEM) backstage for a couple hours in the sunshine. Joppe got picked up by the Betties to go drum for them in Zwolle. Tjeerd and I hung around to play in a one off band DNA featuring a band member form each band that was playing today. Was an interesting experiment! (I’d never played in another band before).Left with the van together with Jaimie. Seemed like everyone else had gone different ways the Saturday afternoon.

Pictures by Sely Friday

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Festival Today – Rottepop


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