A quick update from Voicst land… The three of us are working on several non-Voicst related projects. Although we miss playing together, it feels good to be able to focus on different things, whether they are music, art, family, life, and/or pets.

Joppe collaborated with Sjam Sjamsoedin (Nobody Beats The Drum/Boemklatsch), Daan Schinkel (zZz), Maurits Westerik (GEM/Anne Soldaat), Thomas Azier & Sticks (Fakkelbrigade, ex-Opgezwolle) on the album L’Abattoir. Written and recorded in 10 days at an abandoned slaughterhouse in Casablanca, Morocco, L’Abattoir is project of In A Cabin With. You can buy it here, and don’t forget to check out his vocals on the track Full Throttle ;-)! Currently you can catch Joppe live on tour with Bettie Serveert, or by simply listening to their album Pharmacy of Love. There are a few more dates in Holland before he joins them on their tour of the USA & Canada in the Fall. Check Joppe’s website to stay up to date on his whereabouts!


Tjeerd has been collaborating and writing with different people. One of them, a song with Adam Brat, was released last week: you can check out the video for “Twist Your Nipples” (directed by his favorite director Roel Wouters) here, or buy it here. He also produced the new 5 track EP for Bombay Showpig that will come out soon. The end of October he’s playing his own show at the Kleine Komedie theater in Amsterdam, it will be made in cooperation with Orkater, more info and tickets here.


Sven says: “A friend she once told me, it’s all in your eyes. So keep them open and you’ll be all right. Staring at the greens, holding up the blues, I’m always amazed at the natural truths. And can you feel the earth between your toes? Well? Life is better barefoot but nobody knows.
Rare live recording we totally forgot about.

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Moving forward

There seem to be some rumors and speculations bouncing around the net about what our plans are moving forward. In an attempt to clarify any misunderstandings, please know that while we all have individual projects we would like to pursue in the future, we remain committed to Voicst.

Sven, Tjeerd, Joppe

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More Berlin News

Quick note: Monday’s show (12 Oct.) with Florence and the Machine in the Frannz Club has been moved to the Postbahnhof.

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