Things in the head after Tings ‘n Times

– Last night had a great show at Tings ‘n Times in Pretoria… It’s so much fun to play small clubs again. Hey, don’t get me wrong; bigger shows are cool too, but just a way different dynamic I guess. South African audience very nice too, not afraid to rock-out, that’s for sure…!
– Sleep is a mess at the moment, pissing me off.
– Feeling sorry for Jaimie who plays keys and electronics. She has a crazy flu for days now. Hardcore how hard she still rocks each night: earning points like a mad(wo)man.
– I really need to continue working on backing up all these voice memo’s on my phone. I have recorded about 300 of ‘m over the last few months. Some stuff is really almost a song, but mostly some vague humming, words, or strumming of the guitar. Definitely some cool stuff, and I guess I should not be too worried about not having enough material for the new Voicst record. I still am though…
– I am totally addicted to the live recordings of Antony and the Johnsons at Dalhalla.
– I’m giving you a picture of an elephant, just because I can…
– This is my first Blog. I feel damn grown up right now and will celebrate it with a nice breakfast at the Hotel.



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South African Tour

We are really excited to announce that from the 5th to 16th of August we will be touring South Africa for the first time in our career. Amongst numerous club shows we will also perform at South Africa’s largest festival, the OPPIKOPPI Festival.


05.08.2009 Durban, Burn
06.08.2009 Johannesburg, Tokyo Star (canceled)
07.08.2009 Johannesburg, Roxy
08.08.2009 Swartklip, Mamodimakwana Primary School
09.08.2009 Northam, Oppikoppi Festival
11.08.2009 Pretoria, Tings
12.08.2009 Johannesburg, Tanz Cafe
13.08.2009 Johannesburg, East Rand, Street Cafe
14.08.2009 Pretoria, Zeplins Rock Shack
15.08.2009 Johannesburg, Black Dahlia
16.08.2009 Johannesburg, Bohemian

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