Things in the head after Tings ‘n Times

– Last night had a great show at Tings ‘n Times in Pretoria… It’s so much fun to play small clubs again. Hey, don’t get me wrong; bigger shows are cool too, but just a way different dynamic I guess. South African audience very nice too, not afraid to rock-out, that’s for sure…!
– Sleep is a mess at the moment, pissing me off.
– Feeling sorry for Jaimie who plays keys and electronics. She has a crazy flu for days now. Hardcore how hard she still rocks each night: earning points like a mad(wo)man.
– I really need to continue working on backing up all these voice memo’s on my phone. I have recorded about 300 of ‘m over the last few months. Some stuff is really almost a song, but mostly some vague humming, words, or strumming of the guitar. Definitely some cool stuff, and I guess I should not be too worried about not having enough material for the new Voicst record. I still am though…
– I am totally addicted to the live recordings of Antony and the Johnsons at Dalhalla.
– I’m giving you a picture of an elephant, just because I can…
– This is my first Blog. I feel damn grown up right now and will celebrate it with a nice breakfast at the Hotel.



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