Back To School

Confusing drive out of Joberg. Off the beaten track. We’re off to the area around Oppikoppi. Off to play at the Mamodimakwana Primary School in Swartclip which is located on a Platinum Mine. THe ground here is a rich deep red colour. I thought my eyes were deceiving me but it was that red. My guitar cables are still all red and dusty. We arrived a bit late and the Belgium band Balthazar was playing for about 50 little kids ages 4-10 all dancing around in a semi-circle around the band. It was kind of surreal to see them playing outside in such and atmosphere. Otto (Lucky Fonz III) played after them. He kids loved it. While we set up after Otto a little girl had grabbed one mic and had started singing some song. All the rest of the kids joined in. I have no idea what they were singing but it was fantastic. We played for about 25 minutes I think. They loved it. I loved it. Every time I started to jump around so did about 40 little kids in front of me. Voicst has never played for such a young audience. A couple times during each song I got goose bumps looking at their faces as they expectantly watched to see when we they could jump up and down again. They’d start smiling and get all energetic. Fantastic. While we were cleaning up one little kid was hanging around close to Joppe and eyeing his kick, snare and hithat combination. Joppe gave him the sticks and he started to play. Within seconds Joppe was surrounded by a bunch of kids all wanting to play on the drums. An hour later we finally got to leave after everyone had had their chance. We headed off to Oppikoppi near Northam. Koppi is the hill/ mountain near Northam where the festival is held. Oppi means on top of.. so yes Oppikoppi is on top of the hill. But also basically in the middle of no where in the bush. We got our passes and wandered around of an hour but then had to quickly leave. We got put up in a game ranch about 10 km away. A few very bumpy dirt roads later we arrived at a huge 10 meter high ‘jurrasic park’ style electric fence. Arrived at the lodge in the pitch black. GReat to see soooo many stars and shooting stars aswell. We all sat around a large fire outside drinking beer completely surprised that it was only 8pm. It felt like midnight. (I’ve got some video from the day at the school but will have to upload it later back in NL.)
Pictures by Sely Friday

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