Bang Bang Berlin

There was traffic even before we got to the practice space to load the van. Then half the people in the band were not there. Rest were either flying, driving other ways or going to be picked up at home because there were other things that needed doing. Oh well. En route to Berlin. Drive. Stop. Pee. Coffee. Repeat a few times. The drive scenery was great though. Bright sunshine and it’s fall as you all know so lot’s of colour and tree’s to look at. Loved it. Arrived exactly on time at the Bang Bang Club. Set up and everybody arrived. We did a sound check then did a few interviews, one of which was held in the toilets. All headed off for something to eat while the band Mega! Mega! did their soundcheck. Was a very late show. I don’t think we played until 12.30 or so. Was fun to be back in Berlin again. Good show. Afterwards we hung around for a bit then headed off to our hostel where we grabbed a few beers.

Barely slept because of the beds in the hostel and the fact that I forgot to put in some earplugs to drown out the snoring. I think everyone else is also just as tired. Our rental van is taking some getting used too. The seating is so totally different from the White Pearl. It’s sucking all our last bits of energy – there’s no comfortable position to be found. Back in Amsterdam by 8pm after having left Berlin at 11am. Traffic as always as soon as we cross the border back into Holland. Two days in a van. Over and out.voicst0931oct9

Picture by Sely Friday 2009

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59:1 Club in Munich has a great stage that protrudes out into the venue so as a spectator you can actually watch bands from behind them almost. Anyway, the stage is also pretty damn small if there is already a full band’s backline including a huge harp and various other percussion instruments that have to remain where they are. We got ourselves fitted on to the stage after a long wait in the afternoon. We could only have vocals, piano and a sax go on the PA so it was old school rock and roll – with just the amps and drums blasting full out. Had a great show even though I could not move my feet 5 cm in any direction. Afterwards we packed up in the cold cold hallway outside – thankfully not out in the street because it was snowing. Didn’t stick around to long even though we had a day off the next day.

voicstmunich0915octPictures by Sely Friday 2009

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Berlin Interview With Fresh Milk

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Ego FM

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Luxor Koln/Cologne

We stayed with Sophie’s mother in Luneburg and it was fantastic. Martijn and I were up pretty early as usual and so we walked around the city center for a bit. Got some flowers for our lovely hostess who had left even earlier to get to work. When we got back the rest were up. Had a great big breakfast all together seated at the table. Martijn cooked up some tasty eggs. Shorter-ish drive to Luxor in Koln/Cologne. Started raining when we got to Luxor. As usual we waited around for our time to set up and soundcheck. Stage was even tighter than yesterdays. Joppe was really crammed in the corner behind my amps. Fun show. We had to load out directly. At least it was inside. Packed up and hung around until after FATM’s set so we could sell some merch. Some friends and family had driven down from Amsterdam/Utrecht to see FATM (and us) play. I started to get a bad cold – I guess it’s the sweaty loading out into the cold night directly after our sets that is screwing me up. Quick drive. And if anyone can read German something was written about the show on Triggerfishvoicst0906oct2x8

Pictures by Sely Friday 2009

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New Colours

Green as in trees – my favorite colour! A new batch of tshirts arrived. Some may recognize the design but not the colours. Black, dark blue, green and red! For the time being only available at our shows in Germany. 🙂

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Flyer, Flying, Florence + The Machine


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Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Our album “A Tale Of Two Devils” will be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in a few days on the 18th of September! To kick start the release we are offering a free download of the first single “Every Day I Work On The Road“. We’ve also a widget which allows you to stream the whole record online. Feel free to spread it around on your myspace/facebook/own site!

You can pre-order the album at or directly from our own webstore.
Additionally we have set up an Allmybands account to help with the album release in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. If you want to help promote Voicst in Germany become a member here.
New to the website are newly designed wallpapers up to use as a background on your desktop or iPhone. Head over to our download page to download them.
And finally on a side note:
Joppe will be drumming with Bettie Serveert for a couple shows. You can check them out at the following shows.
12-09-2009 Uitmarkt, Zwolle, Netherlands
25-09-2009 LVC, Leiden, Netherlands
Tjeerd is taking part in “Muzikale Helden” where he will cover two songs by artists who have personally influenced him. These shows will take place between the 29th September and the 3rd of October at De Kleine Komedie in Amsterdam.

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