Thanks Enschede

(Can’t seem to upload pictures at the moment).
-There was some confusion among our ranks when our tour manager sent us info by accident that we had to be in Hengelo for the Enschede School party. But we got everything sorted.
-Before we could even unload we were off for something to eat. Mussels and fish soup it was and it was very very good.
-Gobbled food to see Miss Montreal play.
-Very crowded Old Market Square with eager young student minds ready to party (and learn later the rest of the year)
-Backstage was in the activity room of the church. Run by two lovely people; Willie and a girl who’s name I’ve sadly forgotten.
-Backstage was also the gathering room for all the Emergency Service People. It was fun to be drinking beer in the midst of all sorts of the local police enforcement having their coffee.
-Backstage was also the watering hole for two police horses. Their names I have also sadly forgotten.
-We held a little boat race during our set between two students that had to bring food to our sound man FOH Martijn. The girl stage right capsized and sank about midway. The guy stage left made it all the way and kept going past the FOH desk….
-Miss Montreal had some confetti canons. I think we need some as well.
-It was a long drive back. The back seat people napped.
-Back in Amsterdam we were followed around by a Police car. They finally stopped us after we drove into two dead end streets looking for parking spots. I dunno what they thought we were doing at 3am other than looking for a freaking parking spot in Amsterdam (An impossible chore). They had no sense of humor though.

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Festival Today – Rottepop


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South African Tour

We are really excited to announce that from the 5th to 16th of August we will be touring South Africa for the first time in our career. Amongst numerous club shows we will also perform at South Africa’s largest festival, the OPPIKOPPI Festival.


05.08.2009 Durban, Burn
06.08.2009 Johannesburg, Tokyo Star (canceled)
07.08.2009 Johannesburg, Roxy
08.08.2009 Swartklip, Mamodimakwana Primary School
09.08.2009 Northam, Oppikoppi Festival
11.08.2009 Pretoria, Tings
12.08.2009 Johannesburg, Tanz Cafe
13.08.2009 Johannesburg, East Rand, Street Cafe
14.08.2009 Pretoria, Zeplins Rock Shack
15.08.2009 Johannesburg, Black Dahlia
16.08.2009 Johannesburg, Bohemian

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