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Pressphotos 2009

Voicst pressphotos

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South Africa Tour 2009

from 5th of August till 17th of August Voicst toured South Africa. They played Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria and the Oppikoppi Festival. They also gave workshops in a Township and an elementary school.

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Liberation Day 2009

Voicst were one of the three 'Ambassadors of Freedom' of this years Liberation Day on May 5th. They played 4 Liberation day festivals in Groningen, Assen, Leeuwarden and Zwolle that day and were flown in from city to city by a Chinook chopper.

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Balkan Tour 2009

from 21 of April till 28 of April 2009 Voicst toured the Balkan countries with the Roadworks project. They played gigs in Zagreb, Belgrade, Sarajevo and Budapest. Part of the tour were also guerilla gigs during the day on different places in the cities.

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Tale of Two Devils Tour 2008

Various photos from The Tale of Two Devils Tour in 2008. Voicst played Amsterdam, Utrecht, Nijmegen, Den Haag, Rotterdam etc.

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various photos from various occasions.