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Found Footage

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Luxor Koln/Cologne

We stayed with Sophie’s mother in Luneburg and it was fantastic. Martijn and I were up pretty early as usual and so we walked around the city center for a bit. Got some flowers for our lovely hostess who had left even earlier to get to work. When we got back the rest were up. Had a great big breakfast all together seated at the table. Martijn cooked up some tasty eggs. Shorter-ish drive to Luxor in Koln/Cologne. Started raining when we got to Luxor. As usual we waited around for our time to set up and soundcheck. Stage was even tighter than yesterdays. Joppe was really crammed in the corner behind my amps. Fun show. We had to load out directly. At least it was inside. Packed up and hung around until after FATM’s set so we could sell some merch. Some friends and family had driven down from Amsterdam/Utrecht to see FATM (and us) play. I started to get a bad cold – I guess it’s the sweaty loading out into the cold night directly after our sets that is screwing me up. Quick drive. And if anyone can read German something was written about the show on Triggerfishvoicst0906oct2x8

Pictures by Sely Friday 2009

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Hamburg Logo

Good to be back in Hamburg. Last time at Logo was also a great experience with The President’s of the USA. Tonight we played supporting Florence and the Machine. So picked everyone up early in Amsterdam and headed North-east to Hamburg. Arrived early so sat around and waited for Florence and the Machine (FATM) to set up and sound check. What space was left on the stage after a few items of FATM got moved we utilized. Mathias had 30 cm of space and could not take a step in any direction. Jaime has built her self in to a corner. Sophie, Tjeerd and myself were nearly falling off the front of the stage and Joppe was hidden behind his kit. Never the less great fun! After our set we had to load out directly on to the street out front. Luckily it wasn’t raining. Packed up and watched some of FATM’s show before heading of to Sophie’s mum’s place in Luneburg to crash. We had a few beers while talking too our gracious hostess.


Picture’s by Sely Friday 2009

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New Colours

Green as in trees – my favorite colour! A new batch of tshirts arrived. Some may recognize the design but not the colours. Black, dark blue, green and red! For the time being only available at our shows in Germany. 🙂

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Water and Tune

It’s not rock and roll but someone has to do it. Water and Tune by the Nijnja
Picture by Sely Friday

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From The Woods

We’re out in the woods in an old converted farm house way off in the east of the Netherlands in Drente. Got our gear set up and have been jamming on various riffs. Joppe and I went for a walk around in the field. Got lost behind some lake and cut back through a hundred thousand spider webs. Tjeerd made a great pasta. Played some more music until late before crashing. It’s a wonderful place here in the quiet.

Pictures by Sely Friday

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Utrecht Uitfeest II

Early to bed and early to rise. No one was in the park when we arrived so set up and soundcheck as the first band playing on the stage. Great weather and a beautiful green field. Was a very family vibe this afternoon with all the babies, toddlers and little kids running around on the grass. Some of them really stared at us like -what is this…. Sat around with some friends, their kids and the other bands (Anne Soldaat, De Staat, LPG, GEM) backstage for a couple hours in the sunshine. Joppe got picked up by the Betties to go drum for them in Zwolle. Tjeerd and I hung around to play in a one off band DNA featuring a band member form each band that was playing today. Was an interesting experiment! (I’d never played in another band before).Left with the van together with Jaimie. Seemed like everyone else had gone different ways the Saturday afternoon.

Pictures by Sely Friday

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Have a CD or two….

All these babies are for sale in Germany as of next week Friday! Had to lug them up four flights of stairs to store them for a couple days before shipping to Germany… havesomecds0910sept

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Free Show On Saturday

This Saturday we’ll be in Utrecht for a free show. Check for all the details. Our stage is somewhere on the Leidsche Rijn. It’s a very early show for us starting at 1pm. Stranger still is we have to load up our gear around 8am in able to Utrecht for soundcheck and all! Are there traffic jams on Saturday between Amsterdam and Utrecht? YES

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Picture 2

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