Oh Yeah!

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us in Zwolle, Assen, Groningen and Leeuwarden the 5th of May. It was an amazing experience. Some cool pictures can be found here (Sven’s), here (Tim @ CJP) or here (Nick’s).
You can vote for a Voicst nomination at the TMF awards: Best Artist and Best Video (High As An Amsterdam Tourist) http://www.tmfawards.nl/nomineren

The coming days you can see / hear us at the following places:

Friday: Between 12:00 and 14:00 live on Claudia / Radio 3FM playing a special cover, 19.30 on De Wereld Draait Door TV Nederland 3, and 22.30 during the “27 hours of Europe” event at Pastoe Utrecht. (acoustic, free admission)

Saturday: Vlaamse Reuzen en Hollandse Leeuwen at 013 Tilburg.

On the 5th of June, we will be performing during a 2.0 Party called 99% Feest which is organised by our friends at the 1% Club. We picked three of their projects to support. All proceeds go to these three projects. For more information on the 1% club and 99% Feest check: http://www.1procentclub.nl

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