A Year And A Bit

It has been A Year And A Bit since we released our album A Tale of Two Devils.

And – you guessed it, our new single is the track “A Year And A Bit” and it gets officially released this week. Many thanks to our friend Brian Crosby from the Irish group Bell X 1 who has done a special remix. Other friends have also contributed to the package. Perquisite has done a funky remix and Kat has come up with the artwork. The original album version is also included. All three mixes are available exclusively as a digital download via Itunes. Individual tracks are also available and you can also have a listen online here or on our hyves and or myspace.

We were scratching our heads, thinking up ideas for a video when out of the blue some very cool fans sent us a link to a video they made for the song. We instantly fell in love with it and asked if we could make it our official video.

Posted on April 15, 2009, by VOICST. Filed under news

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